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As a freelancer, developer, or consultant, you know that cash is the fuel that makes your business run. But you don't always have time to get to your accounting system or accountant to create an invoice. Now, with the Breeasy Money Free, you don't have to wait. Simple and quick, this Free app from, will take the pain out of invoicing. You can Create invoices, Track time, Record payments, Run reports and Manage your most important asset: Cash.

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    Cash is King! Keep on top of yours.

    New! Easily track billable hours and create client invoices on the fly.

Perfect for Freelancers and Consultants

It's simple, quick, and easy. Signup for your free account, enter a few contacts and their details and then begin invoicing. The Breeasy Money App will take care of the rest. After you create it, review it, and ok it, it's sent instantly to your client. As busy small business owner or professional consultant you can't remember everything you did on a given day. That's why every invoice you send is right there for you review on the dashboard.

Free Forever

There's no excuse not to give the Breeasy Money App a try if you need to get on top of your invoicing and cash management. All your data is confidential and secure. If you decide this app is not for you, you can leave anytime and take your data with you.

A 100% Free App from the the leader in freelancer, consultant, and small business productivity and management apps.

New! Time Tracking and Billing

As a consultant, web developer, or freelance professional, time is your inventory. You earn by billing for your time, and you can't afford to waste it keeping track of it. That's why we added time tracking and invoicing to the Breeasy Money Free web app. Now, you can enter your time worked by client, and create quick, professional-looking invoices with a couple of mouse clicks.

Record Payments

Nothing better than getting paid, right? Enter that payment into the app. Check the receipt option box and a receipt is sent to your customer. The Breeasy Money keeps track of under-payments, over-payments.

Cash Management

Information entered into any system is only useful if you can get it out. With our Free App, you can see your total Accounts Receivable, Past Due and Monthly Invoice and Receipts Totals. Keeping on top of your cash has never been easier. Just copy and past these reports into a spreadsheet and you can import them into your accounting system. Or, just email to your accountant and focus on your next client.

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